Cannot insert points on periodic curves


I created a small control point curve (closed) and wanted to add control points using ‘insert a control point’ under curve tools menu. I’m getting

cannot insert points on periodic curves

error on the top window. any ideas what’s happening ?

thank you-

Hi Jin - yep - this is a limitation in InsertControlPoint. Smoothly closed curves tend to be periodic (that is, in modeling terms, the seam point stays smooth). You can use InsertKnot, which is different but perhaps similar enough for what you are doing.

Actually I take that back - it should work in the latest V5 - what service release are you using?


InsertControlPoint should work but it will distort the existing curve shape
InsertKnot will also add a control point but it will preserve the shape of the existing curve. The existing control points and knots will shift a little but that is needed to preserve the existing curve shape.

thank you !

and yes updating to the latest solved
thank you–