Cannot get the final indices

I am trying to get the final indices of the curves left after processed several conditions. However, I cannot get it right.

You see, the final indices show not the same curves as the curves shown in green.
So, what I want: the indices of the left curves after all the indices. To test, I plugged the indices in the ‘list item’ component. The green and red has to be the same, but I am not able to do that correctly.

Do you might see what I am doing wrong?
Thank you for your response. :smiley:

problem cannot get the final indices (18.8 KB)

what you want exactly ? why you want find the same curves twice?

I want to have the final indices left after all the conditions.

Inputting the indices is to check if the indices-outcome are the same as the curves-outcome. My problem is, is that they are not the same.
Note: from above the ‘same,’ the heights differs.

Hmm… Hard to understand what you want… But maybe try:

  1. to flatten D1 input (the lists you want to merge have different path, so D2 will be placed before D1 if you don’t)
  2. connect your bool pattern in the dispatch input.


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I do not know what HTH means, but thank you :smiley:

EDIT: Ow, I see it means “How the Hell,” no I am kidding, I see that it means “Hope That Helps”
It helped me great, thank you! :smiley:

It seems you don’t understand how the Dispatch or Merge works fully. If you combine them to use, they simply don’t preserve the list order.
You should retrieve initial order afterward using Sortor use Sift Pattern+Combine Data or Split Tree+Merge to preserve your original list order. See white group.

problem cannot get the final indices (16.4 KB)

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