Cannot export Rhino file to .dwg, .ai etc

I am trying to export an object, but I cannot do that in anything else but the previous versions of Rhino. I have Rhino 4.0.
Any idea how I can solve this? Thank you.

G’day @Bogdan_Gheorghe,

We’ll need more details. A model would be great but the type of object would be helpful otherwise.


Thank you for the answer.I hereby attach the model. I work with Windows 8 64.bits, if that helps. Thank you
model to export.3dm(398.4 KB)

Hi Bogdan- it sounds like probably you are not registering any of the plug-ins. See if, by right-clicking on the Rhino icon and choosing ‘run as administrator’ you cannot get these to register - does that work? And if so, does it also work when you then close and re-open Rhino normally?


Thank you Pascal. That was the exact issue. Now it works.