Cannot export as XML when two list lengths don't match

I have two buildings, and grasshopper calculates the floor areas of those buildings. Ideally, I would like to export these floor areas to excel - the header of the first column would say “Building 1”, and below that would have the areas. Then same goes for building 2.

When I try to do that, since one of these buildings is 6 stories tall, and the other one is 5 stories tall, the length of the list do not match(see below), and the script does not export anything, no error messages, just an empty excel file.

If I connect the data from Building 1 into both inputs of the “Entwine”, then it exports the data without any issues, as you can see below.

So, I am assuming the length of the list need to match for a successful export? Is it possible to export without having the same length on multiple lists, if not, is it possible to add an empty item to the second list so the lengths match? Or do you know any other solutions? Attaching the .gh file for your reference.
Excel (8.8 KB)

I should mention that the “excel write” component above is from lunchbox.

Without opening it, maybe flip matrix after the entwine?

Just tested it, and unfortunately it did not work.

And graft the columns, just guessing wild around. Probably should better go to sleep or open the file😀

that did not work as well, I don’t think the columns have any issues, it’s just the data coming from the building areas. And no worries, thanks for trying :slight_smile:

I have found that only TT Toolbox has a reliable (and easily controlled) write to excel component. But, I found it did not work on one workstation (it is running an AMD processor; not sure if related).

But yea, seems like you need to insert an “< empty >” for each ‘missing’ item.
Here is a working example.
Excel (27.8 KB)