Cannot Draw Anything

Im new to Rhino and downloaded the test version for mac today. I can’t seem to draw anything at all. Anything I draw dissapears completely. What am i missing…

Are you in Rendered display mode? By default curves are hidden in that display mode. You see them drawing, then they disappear immediately when finished.

What happens if you switch to Shaded or Wireframe display?


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Hi Mitch,

Thanks for your response I’m in wireframe mode. its got me stumped.


Hmm, OK. I assume you haven’t altered the display mode in any way… Does this happen only with curves, or also surfaces, meshes, etc…?

What are your machine specs? OS version?


seems to just be the line command other commands are ok i.e. creating shapes works

Im using OSX 10.9.5

Running 2.5 GHz- Intel Core i7 i think a late 2011

Sorted it not sure how but there were some alterations under preferences/display modes.

Thank for your time Mitch

OK, this may be something particular to 10.9.5, someone else who has that OS may want to test (I’m on 10.10.2 here).

One other thing - if you create a line with the Line command, when it disappears immediately after the command, if you type SelLast, does it show up as selected again? I’m just trying to ascertain if the line is actually created and invisible or if it’s not being created at all.



I often experience this when I forget that the curves are turned off in the display panel. Check the display panel for each viewport to assure that the curves box is checked.

Tom M.

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