Cannot delete a dimension once i wrote it in my project

Whenever I write a dimension annotation on my project, only to measure the part, I can only delete it if I CTR Z. If I write the dimension and I press Return to set it, I can no longer delete it. Where is the setting for that? Anyone?

are you using _DetDimensionLayer?

are you assigning a default layer for annotations?

maybe that layer is locked?

Thank you for your reply but I don’t understand
"_DetDimensionLayer? Where would I have assigned a default Layer annotation? My layers are NOT locked!

can you try the command:
let me know if this selects your placed dimensions.

Yes it does but as I said, if I put a dimension and I press return to set the dimension, if I want to delete it I cannot delete it anymore. I never had this before, I must have changed a setting somewhere.

If you try to delete using the _Erase Command, does it work

Sounds like you have the history setting “Lock children” turned on. Uncheck that and see if it helps.


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You’re spot on! thanks for that. You’re great help!

OK, good.

By the way, you don’t need to create dimension objects if you just want to measure something, you might try the commands Length, Distance, etc. instead.

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