Cannot Debug C# Template for Rhino6 with VisualStudio2017(15.7)

Hi, everyone,

I’m now developing a plugin for Grasshopper using Visual Studio 2017 and C# Component Template for Rhino6.
Yesterday I updated Visual Studio ver15.6.7 to ver15.7, and faced serious bug that Rhino doesn’t run when I start debug in Visual Studio.
Correctly, Rhino6 tries to run but it takes long time and results in freeze.
Finally, I backdated Visual Studio to 15.6.7 and bug was fixed.

I tried to detect what causes it, but
・I can’t find any different messages from successful state in debug outputs.
・Correct path is set in “Start External Programs” in project properties.

I want to update Visual Studio to fix a bug with GitHub sync (unfortunately it’s fixed in 15.7).
I can’t find topic about this bug in forum,
Does anyone have same problem or have solution?
I’m new to this developing environment, so I’ll appreciate any help!

kind regards,


Was it really stuck forever, or was VS simply taking a long time downloading new symbols for all the dlls and exes involved in the debugging?

Thanks for reply!
I thought it once and waited for a long time, but it seems forever(Rhino keeps freezing).
It took very short time when I installed VS 15.6.7 and debug for the first time, so something may be happening.(I don’t have idea now.)
I’ll try more and report.