Cannot close curves uniformly on a weaved curve and tween conditions

I have created a weaved condition with 2 circles and I have created a tween with an outer curve however I cannot close my curves. If I graft and close the curves, I get an odd condition. Need some assistance. Attach are screen shots of questions and the definition.

Dispatch_Weave and (15.9 KB)

I haven’t tried to understand all of your code but… the ‘Periodic’ input to Interpolate should be inverted, eh? True instead of False. Also, it looks to me like the slider connected to the two Divide Curve components should be even numbers only?


P.S. This is a different way to organize your code. I added a ‘Fillet Radius’ slider to Polygon because I saw a kink in the tween curves when its value is zero (the default). Radius helps but I still see anomalies in some combinations of parameter values. (15.4 KB)

Hello Joseph,

Thanks so much for the assistance!

Shihab Naeem