Cannot Change Dimensions

I seem to have gotten Rhino into a state where I cannot change the dimension settings. When I go to dimensions I get this:

The only thing I can do is rename a style or create a new style based upon one that is predefined.

I’ve restarted and get the same.

Any idea how to get out of this?

Drag the dot on the right side of the dialog back to the left so you can see the settings.
You have your name panel stretched out too far.

The mouse cursor changes over the dot but I cannot drag it.

But then I restarted again and it came back…

In my 5.4, I can’t drag it left or right so far that anything is hidden.

I tried to drag the dot and nothing happened. Then I restarted rhino and the thing was back to the initial state.

I have seen a number of flake things on that dialog box.