Cannot change a mesh on another Layer on Rhino 7

Just got Rhino 7 and I downloaded a mesh that I am trying to move on to another layer , somehow it does not change? I didn’t have this problem on V6!
if I select a curve, the points are always coming up on the curve and I have to click F11 to take them off. If it’s a group of curve , than it doesn’t happen .
On rhino 6, I can select a curve and it doesn’t show points UNLESS I click F10. I there a setting to avoid this?

I don’t know about your first point - changing layer for a mesh works here just fine.

Uncheck highlighted option.

Thank you

Hello - how are you determining that the mesh is not changing layers, by its color, or in Properties, or?


Hi Pascal
Can you recommend a tutorial about the properties, I get very confused about ticking the correct way, whether it is "By colour, layer or object in the properties tag.

Hi Marcel - the default is that Rhino objects take on layer color as their display color; if an object has color by object, then changing its layer may well not produce any visible change, that is why I asked the question - you might have been expecting a change in display color to confirm the layer change. Either way, Properties will tell you what layer it’s on.


Thanks, you explained it very well.
Thanks again