Can Zbrush turn non-class-A surfaces into class A?

Class A is not (only) about “smooth” models. That’s the minimum criteria a model should have. Class A is about explicit control of reflections,visual quality in general and technical accuracy. Class A models in automotive are created in a process lasting months, and are the result of lots of iterative optimizations. If you don’t need class A, then don’t do it. Besides the technical and cad-related aspects its more about constant optimization until a model is perfect. So if you remodel your Zbrush polygon model 24/5 * 6 month then its not class A in terms of automotive standards, but it will definitely be a “class A” model :slight_smile:
(And no, if we speak about the class A standard originated in automotive industry, polygons are not allowed. Since its used in engineering a full mathematical description is important, so Nurbs-, actually Beziers-only is mandatory )