Can you please add sun tools to the mac version?

i know that in the windows version there is this tool and it is very important for architecture work.


+1! It would be a very good addition.

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We have it on our list logged in MR-915. This feature will not make its way into the initial release of the product (5.0), but will likely be added in a subsequent “dot” release (5.x)…we don’t know which 5.x (5.1, 5.2, 5.3) yet, but hearing from you helps us prioritize and order our list.

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+1! It would be a very good addition.

For those of you who peek the YouTrack (our bug/feature tracker) list, feel free to vote for issues there…each issue has a little thumbs-up at the bottom of the item…

Just FYI.

Mark me down as a +1

@dan: can you remind us how to view this list? (A quick search failed to locate the main list). Thanks!

The screenshot that Dan posted is not for a list but a single item so I’m not sure which list you are asking about.
If you are looking for all Rhino for Mac items, simply select Mac Rhino (MR) from the drop-down list at the top left.

Well, darn…

Was on my phone and did not check image – was hoping he was pointing to the existence of items that one could view the title of, then vote (and see vote totals).

Would be very handy for all if such a thing were possible!

You will need to create a login, then you can view all the public items on the bug/wishlist for all platforms and McNeel software.

No voting though, McNeel does not develop features solely based on “popular demand”. Wishing for it here is about the best you can do.


Apparently not - see Dan’s post above.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying solely based, though. More likely to a rather limited degree but I suppose it might give some indications.

That what I was trying to convey, perhaps the wording was poor. Certainly if a feature is requested often, it rises higher in the priority list, but as development time and resources are also considered, the most asked-for items are non necessarily the ones that get developed first.


The 2016 Presidential voter turnout may pale in comparison to this. :wink: