Can you flatten a selection of objects into a "flat" sheet?

on the right there’s an example, they are too many to be manually donethisexample.3dm (1.6 MB)

You can use the Unroll command to transform surfaces from any orientation to the XY plane but it won’t arrange the parts just like that automatically.

you can use UnjoinEdge to direct how the polysurface will Unroll

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And as usual, if you want accurate help, post a file with the relevant geometry.

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From your sample file it looks like you are trying to arrange plates that have thickness (closed polysurfaces).

You can do this with grasshopper and the OpenNest plug-in: (19.8 KB)



As I have the same problem, here is a way of dealing with it. One of the drawback is that the orientation of the sheet will be random.

All geometries are set in a geometry component, there must be a sheet per branch.

For each geometry stables positions are searched. I use my Nautilus Component Stable positions, the first item is the one that as the biggest area on the 2D convex hull of points touching the XY plane.

In order to see something I use my “Pack Object on Grid” then I extract all the faces of the brep that are near the XY plane.
With this tool it is then possible to have the sections that could be feed into the nesting process.

Flat objects to (476.6 KB)

Another way here