Can you do it faster?

Please look at the image attached.
I created this simple shape using commands as described.
Can Rhino just use the extrued command to get “offseted” shape insted of using dupedge and offset curve and loft command?
Interested how would you do this faster?

You can subselect edges and extrude them directly, or you can make the profile curve and sweep1 with a rectangle as rail.
Or make boxes, boolean them and then extract the caps.

There are about a million ways to do this, I think in this very simple case I would make 3 solid boxes using the centered option, BooleanUnion them together, then extract the top and bottom faces/delete.

Or, you could draw the profile and a bottom square then use RailRevolve. I would use MergeAllFaces to turn the revolved surfaces into simple planar surfaces.


Can Rhino do this “extrude to normal” that would create a shape that you see in top left corner?
Ive seen a lot of poly-modeleres that can do this.

What’s the reason for doing it faster? Are you trying to create different versions quickly?

I think you could RailRevolve as Mitch suggests but with History. This way you could make changes to your profile curve and then just copy the result off to one side.

Failing that you could create this very easily with Grasshopper and drive the command from there in order to create versions of this shape (or others)


yes RailRevolve would be my way to go with this one too!

[edit] attached sample gh definition for this (11.6 KB)