Can we sort the sheets' sequence?

Hi all,
I try to place drafting views into sheets.
But I found that the sheets sequence is totally mess up…
I wonder if I don’t sort sheets’ sequence would all the views go to wrong sheets?

Can I sort the sequence of sheets? How?

What is the sorting Key in the case?

You can input the Name of the View or Sheet to get the order desired, or sort after using a Sort Text or Numerical.

Cool~ I didn’t know you can use sort text. I have tried sort list but it doesn’t work.
Thanks for the great help, Japhy :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Japhy, I tried to use your method to sort all the sheet in my model, but for some reason the “Query Sheets” doesn’t have any output.
Did I miss something?

Sort Sheet Number and (17.8 KB)


It looks like the Sheet Numbers in the A36/103 format, per the output of the sheet number parameter. You could do cset and then add a starts with <

Is it that if it doesn’t start “<” the Query Sheets won’t recognize the Sheet numbers?

Hi Japhy, the sequence is still not sorted, did I miss something?


Does this help?

Hi Japhy, I think our case are different. When the data comes out from the Query Sheets in your definition, the sheet numbers in the first value picker are in order.
But mine is a bit tricky…you can see that in the panel viewer the date is in order but in the value picker is different.
I have no idea why…Is it something to do with the date when you create the sheet? The value picker will always put the order sheets in the front of list and put the new created sheets at the back of list?

You are correct, the sort is by Element ID. I am looking at this in the Project Example so not a real world project.