Can we run multiple Zoos?

Hi @dale

I’ve been asked if it’s possible to divide the Zoo into departments. Currently we have the zoo for the entire company, and when we add more licenses, it’s not clear which department is actually in need (can’t get a license because they are used up).

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to set up a Zoo for each department, and populate it with a set number of licenses. Then if that department outgrows the licenses, we can add specifically to that Zoo.

I’m guessing we would have to set up a Zoo on a different server for each. Is that the only solution? Or is it possible to do it some other way?



Yes, you can run multiple Zoos on the same network.
Each Zoo would have separate licenses. You can not add the same license into both Zoos.
Conceptually, it’s like building a fence inside your own backyard, but yes, this works.

But do you actually know (or have any control over) from which of the Zoos on the network a particular user is grabbing their license? --Mitch

Each workstation is configured through it’s local registry (usually), to ask a specific Zoo server (or IP) for a license.
This can be set or easily changed using the Zoo Diagnostic Utility:


Great info.

Thanks John