Can we make it so that Color from Default Swatches Remains Selected?

Sometimes I can’t tell which gray color a layer was assigned.

If we have swatches and we assigned them, it would be nice to always know that x swatch was assigned.

Here I selected Brown, the closed the dialog, then opened again. I have no clue that Brown swatch was selected. It would be nice to have some sort of info telling me that.

Can be as simple as this.

What should happen when you select a swatch then change the color in the wheel? What should be shown next time you open? You have already the big color swatch at the bottom, which can help you guide?

Big? BIG??? We want it bigger! For choosing a color that preview swatch is way to small, IMO for designers it should be even bigger than the color picking wheel :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know why there are two swatch menus (vertical left and bottom). I never use the bottom one. I guess because it wasn’t in previous Rhino versions.

But, even the bottom one has no indication of which Swatch is currently in use.

Nothing, that would be the current behavior, there is not mark/indication that you are using a saved Swatch.

In case an indication is implemented, when you select a swatch, and then change the values, the indication should go away.

Hello - so, I guess the request is, if the current settings match a color in the list, highlight that name in the list and scroll if needed to make it visible, correct?


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Hi Pascal, do you mean an automatic scroll? Don’t know about that, it would be annoying. Maybe you just want to change the color form one on the top and you get scrolled down to the bottom.

But yes to the highlight!

It’s just that, if you highlight an item in the list and that item is not in the visible part of the list, then…

@ShynnSup - would you say that auto-scrolling to the highlighted item in the list on the left would be enough of an annoyance to be a stopper? Overall this seems like a useful request to add the the heap, but only if the user can see the highlighted item, it seems to me, unless I misunderstand the request… perhaps you mean highlight an existing swatch if it matches the current color setting, and not in the list?