Can translucency be made different for different objects in ghosted view?

I am unable to get a top view in custom Cplane mode

so as I need to get the view sent out, I will use ghosted and client will have to peer through the object !
however if I could make the object very faint, leaving the object which is the real subject standard ghosted, that would help.

better still use shaded mode and make the peer through object faint ghosted.

Can different ghosting be applied in ghosted view ?


One way to do this is to use SetObjectDisplayMode and set it to Rendered. If you want to see surface edges as lines you might also want to create a copy of Rendered and turn on surface edge visibility. Then, you can select the object(s), and go into the material properties and play with the transparency slider as you like. This is a 90% transparency…

or even 98%…