Can this be used for full structures?

Based on the examples given, it seems like Peregrine is primarily for beam/column design. I was wondering if anyone has tried using it like a 3D optimiser for a full building, say a tower with floor slabs? I made a very simple one here, but it doesn’t work, basically. It completely ignores the higher floors and acts as a single storey structure.

Not sure if it’s an issue with my definition or if it’s just not meant to work like this. Also, on another note, what does the pre-existing floor slab node actually do?

Unit = m.
200210 - experiment 2 simple (23.5 KB)

Hi Claire,

Thanks for your message.

In relation to the file, you have set the “MoveDir” to accept a vector in the Z direction, effectively allowing the loading to move along this axis. If you disconnect this component, the loads stay static and a solution is obtained that does not change the loading positions.

With your more general question in mind, layout optimization can be applied to full building structures (e.g. see this video:, but the functionality to do so is not yet implemented in Peregrine.

I hope this helps.


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Hey Tom… Right, got it. Thanks, I hadn’t noticed (adapted script from one of the example files, iirc) that I’d done that. Are there plans to implement full structural optimisation eventually?

Yes, this is certainly on our roadmap - though it’s too early to provide a timescale for delivering this yet.

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