Can the trigger/Timer program be set to run for 1 min?


Let’s say the trigger is set as 10 seconds interval, can it be set so that it runs for 60 seconds so it does 6 iterations?

This might be helpful?

i would like the timer to stop actually after 6 iterations, instead of relooping from 0.

I’m wondering if something like this would work? (lines 22 and 23) [max as a Float input]

you know that weird feeling that this might solve the problem from a visual point of view, but not in the deep core? :slight_smile:
this would make the number output of the counter to not change from the max_value once it has reached max_value
but it will not prevent all the components that follow to update/recalculate every 10 seconds, because the counter itself is being triggered every x seconds anyway so it just refreshes and re-outputs the identical same max_value ?

[edit] more or less the same as this:

Thanks all. I made a work around where a script takes in the value of the timer, then output a boolean. the boolean becomes false once the timer hits 1 min.

The boolean is then fed to all the other scripts I have running.

Big thanks for Inno and Joseph though.