Can the tessellation of circles exported to SketchUp be controlled?

When exporting to SketchUp circles are coming into SketchUp with 15 edges, and the edges are two different lengths. Is there a setting in Rhino that can be used to adjust the tessellation?

you can export as dwg or dxf, the circle should remain a circle as close as it seems possible in sketchup since you never get a 100% circle there. but you can change the attributes of the circle to raise the segments used to describe it.

if the segmentation is not sufficient enough which should be actually at its maximum in relation to its dimension automatically when you import the dwg to sketchup (only pro version) you have to explode it then selecting the curve call up the entity info and change the segments there. bigger radius provides the possibility for a higher amount segments.

Hi Peter - you can use Convert on the circles ahead of time and export the converted circles - that command should give you the control you need.


Thanks for your replies. Both were helpful.