Can the surface generated by Rhino be saved as coordinates?

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We are using Rhino to generate complex surfaces, flatten it and transfer the cutting pattern into other CAD software. Just wonder if there is a way to save the surface points into coordinates so that the other software can generate drawings.
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Hi Cheng- you can ExtractPt, and then Export the points to a text file - I’m not sure if that is enough info to really help though.


What other CAD software? Perhaps Rhino can already save in a format that the other software can read?


That helps a lot. We will try use it in the drawing export.


It is Mechanical Desktop 2009. Tried once but the surface became polylines in the file migration…


Wrong export options. Try 2004 Solids. --Mitch

I’m pretty sure MDT can import IGES files, which Rhino can export…