Can the rhino grid have numbers allocated to it?

I need a 1cm numbered grid with every 10th line a darker grey, and numbered 0 50 100 150 200cm etc so that any printouts of plans can be checked for scale.
Currently I have drawn a grid but its showing up in front of my object.

To use the Cplane grid would be best, especially also when I print with the custom Cplane, as my drawn grid then needs re-orientating to suit the Cplane ! nightmare.

I also have my logo and title text and an A4 box within which I ensure all dims sit, before using print mode and window set.

How best can this be done ?


I’ve drawn calibration rulers before, but it would make a nice feature.
You can draw a few rulers, to suit your needs.

I once drew some full-sized 62" 1.9 meter templates, that were jet-ink plotted on an old Encad plotter.

Is there a better way of finding ones own posts than visually looking for the ribbon tag now ?
I keep addresses of the posts in a word doc, which helps, but also looked for my ribbon tags.
they are now same appearance as the grey squares that say windows, .


Click on your avatar?


aha, one click no, but then click my name again, and I get the coloured motif display.
I had been doing one click as one would presume does the trick.