Can’t solid union breps after making a pattern with help of LunchBox


I tried solving the problem myself and also I tried multiple ideas from forums but nothing worked for me.
Long story short: Im trying to make a pattern on a curved surface that is meant to represent an anti-slip rubber part.

Here is how I want it to look (more or less, in the best case scenario I’d like it to spread nicely within this green outline of a surface that you can see on a screenshot below but I do not know if it’s possbile or not).

What I wanted to do is to solid union all the Breps but it doesn’t work, i get a message that “Boolean Union set is empty” and then if possible make a small fillet on all edges so it looks better in renders.

Here is how my string looks:

Pattern (25.2 KB)

Can you please help me find a solution to my problem? Or maybe suggest a better way on how to do it? I’d like the string to help me generate multiple different patterns.

Have a nice day!

Hi @Zarzyński_Jakub

nice structure!
I think the sollid union is not working because the BREPS do not intersect.
If you keep them as open BREPS you can join them to one open brep.

Pattern (30.1 KB)


Sir thank you a ton! That is exactly what I was looking for. Have a great day!