Can’t see mesh after TriRemesh (Beginner)

hi guys i have a problem i am trying to make a surface like new milan fair but when i try made a mesh i onde get things like camo, anyone knows what is happening? thx guy

It looks like you have two slightly different pieces of geometry clipping into each other, which would be typical of a remesh and the original mesh sitting in the same space. If you turn off the display for one of the active components on your screen you should get a cleaner visual output.

hi Jsb, still does not showing the mesh when i turn off the other mesh :frowning:

Try pressing Ctrl+M in Grasshopper


Thx Martin, ur the best! :smiley:

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Since this is not a bug at all, do you mind if we change the topic title to “Can’t see mesh after TriRemesh”?

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Of Course! :grin:

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