Can´t Print to PDF Custom paper size (2050x400) mm


Can´t Print to PDF Custom paper size (2050x400) mm

i have a layout confg with a paper size (2050x400) mm.
But trying to print to PDF the file there is no way to put those sizes …
The options of paper size are too limited

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

That must be a limitation of the printer driver you are using, not a Rhino thing. Install another PDF printer.


Looks like you Rhinoceros version has its own limitations too… :grin:

To your question, click that properties option and you can figure it out I believe…


I also used to do this for printing on a big plotter.
From what I remember is that you can set a custom size from the plotters driver.

If that doesn’t help you can also make a image file with custom size and print that.
(but that leaves the question if the scale is still correct)

(Shakir S) #5

I found this very useful if you’re thinking of printing a PDF on a custom size paper :slight_smile: