Can´t adjust shadow settings in display mode

Hi my fellow Rhino users,
Maybe it is a dumb question, but i was trying to change the shadows settings, but unfortunately i can´t seem to change the settings. My shadows are always grainy and i wanted to do something about it, so i went into the settings, and as i said before, i just can´t change them. Is there any fix or am i just missing something? Or is it possible that i can´t adjust the settiings while using Cycles render?

Thank you all for the replies in advance!

The shadow settings you show in your screenshot are grayed out because they are not used for Raytraced/Rhino Render (Cycles).

If your shadows are grainy you can:

  • render more samples
  • try using a denoiser

Noisiness in the results will get less the more samples you render - the results need to converge, and it can take a lot of samples to get there.

Maybe you can post a render result of what you see, that might help in giving further information.