Can student Rhino 6 version use Rhino Inside?

Can student Rhino 6 version use Rhino Inside?

Educational license is a full license. A valid license gives access to Rhino WIP so yes, you have access to Rhino Inside as well.

IT requires the V7 WIP.
Anyone that owns a permanent V6 license can participate in the WIP through the Serengeti category.

Moving this to Serengeti.

In the work in progress process, after you make an objects in Rh7 WIP, it is safer copy and past them to Rhino 6 (save as Rhino 6 and not as Rhino 7WIP) to prevent loosing 3D models.

While having a 2nd copy of all working models is just good practice, the V7 WIP is mature enough that you should not be having problems with losing anything.
If you are, please report the details in this category or to

One of the main reasons for a public facing development process is to crowd source the details of the new release, thereby getting better testing than we can possibly do internally.