Can someone help me find a GH definition for dual stacked wainscotting

Here is a link to my topic. Much appreciated.

this would be too niche of a grasshopper definition to actually find quickly. but the good news is that it’s very simple. what you do is you create some rectangle guide curves, you create a profile (manually perhaps, but also possible parametrically) and you sweep that profile along the guides.
on a curved wall you have a few options, the easiest to understand would be to “flow along surf”, meaning that create your wainscotting on a straight wall, then map it onto the curved wall surface.

Adel, thanks for your explantion, but I am not experienced enough to easily figure this out without a video and audio. If some one were to create this tutorial it would help a lot of newcomers like me. Can you help me and other rhino users by making a video with audio. I would gladly pay for a comprehensive video on how to do this.

Thanks Adel