Can someone explain to me how to turn 2 edges into 1?


I am making a ring.
I created the shank as 1 bar and I split it with the plateau of the ring but now I want to fillet the edges, and the edges of the plateau and of the shank aren’t joined, if you see what I mean…

I made took a capture to explain better

Does anyone know if there’s a tutorial somewhere that explains how to do that?

I also attach the file just in case.
redo edges.3dm (2.4 MB)

Thanks in advance

Use MergeFace to get rid of those edges. You’ll need to do it on each side and actually twice on the right side to get rid of a little tiny coplanar surface here… but this is what it’ll look like. Check out the Help file to read more about MergeFace and MergeAllFaces respectively. I use these a ton.

Thanks a lot

I get an invalid geometry message, why?

Oh, I don’t get the message when I invert the order of selection.