Can someone explain some commands this Rhino designer is using?

I’ve been watching some timelapses of a shoe designer doing his thing, clearly moving at fast pace building up geometry/shapes, not necessarily focused on perfect single span surfaces (etc).

There are some things he does which I’m trying to unpack and figure out. It’s difficult to tell even when you slow the video down to 0.25X speed.


  • (4:49 — 4:54 How does he take these straight lines and magically make them intersect/trim the sole curves AND connect? I keep saying mentions of “LoadScript” in his console, is this some custom script or a native command?

  • (6:19 — 6:30 I’m wondering how this guy went from building a curve, offsetting a smaller version of it, rebuilding it (to simplify the control points), and then suddenly they go from planar curves into dimensional curves that are touching the shoe surface to the right. It’s almost like he projected those 2 curves onto a surface that isn’t even there. Any ideas?

  • (8:21 — 8:23 To create this inner triangle shape, he seems to run an inner offset, and then to round the corners, I see yet another LoadScript. Couldn’t this have been accomplished with a FilletCorners command, or am I missing something here?

  • (10:17 — 10:20 This happens a LOT, and something that’s always difficult for me. He’s constantly creating side geometry/surfaces in other parts of the scene, working on them, and then somehow able to magically bring them exactly back to where they should be in the origin model. I don’t see him using the Move command and carefully lining up some key points or anything. I’m wondering what the best way to replicate this workflow is. I’m always forced to keep all of my elements in the exact same position, and use LOTS of layers and IsolateLock to do work in certain sections. Every time I move something around, it’s super difficult for me to “bring it back” to where it perfectly should be.

It is hard to follow along as the pace is so fast. It looks to me as if he is using a lot of custom scripts, something I have little experience of. Hopefully someone that knows more will help.

Regarding moving geometry around, it looks as if he could simply be using the Gumball. This is something I often do, move a set of curves or surfaces a distance that’s easy to remember then move them back when I’ve finished working on them. I do this less since I discovered the Isolate command.

True, using hard # value increments in the gumbball is definitely what I could/should be doing.

I see him using the _Crv2View command and this would also be my strongest guess.
Alternatively I would guess a custom script which extrudes some planar curve in World Z and projects another curve (or set of curves) onto it, but I think Crv2View is more likely (super useful command by the way).