Can somebody help me find an equivalent tool for doing this?

Can somebody recreate this for me in Sudb?
I cant find a good solution for this in rhino
the insert edge tool is not doing what i want. is there a loopcut tool?


these are way too many subdivisions

We do not have those type of deformers at the moment. In this example you’d simply use a standard cube primitive and add loops as needed to tighten up edges.

Creasing or beveling should allow you to get sharper or softer corners with fewer subd div-

do you have an example of what you are trying to add edges to and where the tolls are not working for you?

You should understand that it does not depend on the number of subdivisons. 01


thanks for answering but the quality and speed is not the same as in the video i recorded with cinema 4d

thanks for answering.
do you think rhino will add such deformers in the future and isnt it just a better insert edge command? in my opinion the insert edge tool is very unprecise and good to handle.

it’s my hands paralyzed, not working well.

This can be implemented by script using the Align command, the existing Align command allows you to arbitrarily deform the SubD object.

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insert edge is best used in box mode
( as I often say model in box mode, refine in smooth mode)

as for adding deformers, nothing on the dev list at the moment, but we work for our users, so if there is enough demand, priorities can be shifted.