Can rs.command() work on non-baked GH Geometry?

Hi all,

We can’t use V7 at work until it’s officially launched, so I’m stuck working with V6. I’m trying to create SubD geometry inside Grasshopper using something like:

x = Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.CreateFromBrep
a = rs.command("_-toSubD" + x + “_Enter”)

But I get a variety of errors. In ^this^ case it’s an operand error. Am I correct in thinking I can’t run an rs.command() on a non-baked geometry?



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Hi @declan,

Sorry, no. Rhino commands work on document objects.

What do you want to convert to SubD?

– Dale

Thanks @dale. I’m trying to cobble together some SubD functionality in V6 + Grasshopper by creating a mesh in GH and doing the SubD conversion there.

Hi Declan
I hope this help you (7.6 KB)

Wow - thanks @603419608! This is really interesting. It seems that the SubD object is not editable inside GH after being created, correct? the SubD object is not recognized as a Brep, Mesh, or Geometry.

Must be rhino7WIP to recognized.