Can rs.command() control buttons on the pop up window?

Dear the community,

I encountered a problem of rs.command() and really need your help.
The process of the work flow is

  1. rs.command('_-CSResultsPanel, echo = True)
  2. a window pops up
  3. in the pop up window, click ‘load’ to load data
  4. in the same window, click ‘open’ to read data

However, I would do a batch automation which repeats this process for over 50 times. I am wondering if I can realize (CSResultsPanel - load - open) automatically by using rs.command() or other methods without the window popped up? Right now I can only wake up CSResultdPanel but cannot access -load and _open in the window.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Xin_Zhou,

What is CSResultsPanel? Is this a tool you’ve written?

– Dale

Deae Dale,

That command belongs to a plugin for Rhino called ClimateStudio. The process I mentioned above is run in that plugin.


Hi @Xin_Zhou,

Please contact Solemma for assistance.

– Dale