Can Rhino6/Grasshopper be used to visualize realistic 16 gauge wire forms

We are working with a retired engineer who developed a method of bending 16 gauge galvanized wire fencing ( into beautiful forms. See attached pics. His process is to create a cylinder then repeatedly bend the wire around the circumference with special tools. All bends in each section are the same. Other repeating bends using curved templates are applied to the fencing until it becomes a final form. Currently his processes are tedious. We want to create jigs, fixtures, and tooling to speed up production and use CAD to aid in this process.

Is it possible to use Rhino6 and Grasshopper to create a system that will act and look like 16 gauge wire - and make these complex forms virtually? I am proficient with (aspects of) Rhino6 but have not used Grasshopper. Can I solve this specific problem without having to learn extensive areas in Grasshopper?

The attached 3dm file is the section of fencing required for making the attached 7.5" sphere.


2x4WireFencing.3dm (485.7 KB)

Probably not. There’s nothing in grasshopper itself which will let you simulate physical processes, but you may be able to do it using the kangaroo plugin. That however requires that you learn both grasshopper and kangaroo.