Can Rhino use linked not embedded meshes?

File import mesh is going to overload my project as I have 10 or so large meshes to bring in.
If only there was a way of having high poly count for detail areas and low for flat areas life would be great.
is there ?

meanwhile if the meshes could be linked to their storage location, it wouldnt take a minute or more to save !
201Mb file size with 3 meshes so far.

Is it possible ?



I’ve done similar workflows with point clouds.

You can add a file via Worksession by Right clicking in the Layer Dialog, or typing Worksession in the command line. Typically saving the worksession with the layers turned off.


  • The attached file can be in any format that Rhino can import, not just Rhino models. Attached geometry cannot be edited (for example, Move, Scale), but it can be used for input to creation commands (for example, Copy, ExtrudeCrv).
  • When a worksession object is dragged, it snaps back into place.

so what I am doing, moving scaling rotating etc each mesh can’t be done.

Oh well, nice try.