Can Rhino show Point Normals?

Can Rhino show Point Normals?


Hello - what points? Point objects? Or pointcloud points, those might have normals associated with them I guess. Or mesh vertices? Can you post an example file?



What is the normal of a point? In what context does that make sense?

A normal is typically the cross product of two directional vectors. On a surface, for example, it is the direction vector of the U- and the V-parameter.

Point cloud pointspoint cloud.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi @ShubinJ,

during the Rhino 5 beta cycle, Rhino had the ability to display a pointcloud as shaded object. This made working with pointclouds much more comfortable. Unfortunately, this ability has been removed and is available with another plugin only. You might read about it in this thread.

In order to display your pointcloud as a shaded object, you might try building pointset normals using meshlab which is a free download. The shaded pointset can then be read and recreated by Rhino as a pointcloud using python scripting. (1.8 MB)



Thank you for the info. I like t he shaded idea. Too bad that disappeared.