Can Rhino model any object which polygonal packages like Maya are able to create?

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and besides that, I never said that these things are done by 3d printing, although I believe if printing gets even more accurate and much more faster, there is a valid use for it in production. I also said that bezier/nurbs modelling is better in these cases. However I’m not strict narrow-minding. You know, I know professional clay model-makers who can model a car bumper by hand much more precise then most “cad experts”. It everything depends on the problem.


Huh? I’m not referring to you but that OP who simply does not get it, although several posters have explained the matter to the n-th degree.


Very impressive resolution. Can you provide any details (alloys, maximum size, speed) or website of the maker of this machine?

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no sorry, I don’t know the types of printers we have. I believe one of them is the stratasys (not sure, but looks similar) That one has a resolution of 16 microns:

@Lagom: sorry your last post was stated as a reply to me , that’s why I though you are referring to me. misunderstanding I guess


That’s btw. what had in my E-Mail inbox today :o)

@Modeler3D This firm looks for someone with mesh modelling skills for concept development but they also make very clear that one predominantly works with Nurbs.

PS: Hopefully it’s in order to post the full offer, thought it might be of interest for someone.


This is useful information. :grinning:

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It indirectly says you should also learn Icem Surf or at least know Alias, that’s the dominated cad software for car skins. Some companies use polygon modelling for concepting, but that’s just for doing quick sketches, and doesn’t have anything to do with production I guess. It just says you will have a lot of hurry on this position :smiling_imp:


This model has something that does not have smoothness between the polygons (Zebra is terrible). Is it because of a lack of polygons? Or so it works SubD?

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that’s not a zebra, its a deer :zebra: != :deer:

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I belieeve it’s a moose. Bullwinkle. :panda_face:


Inaccuracy. I meant the Zebra analysis

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and I meant deer analysis, of course


Ok, but what’s the problem of the smoothness of the object?

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deer analysis could tell you, however Rhino doesn’t have that. I guess because it just has African-named analysis. Deer analysis would tell you that mesh edges aren’t shared, so faked smoothness ends abrupt. However I haven’t seen a deer (or moose) from below yet, so I definitely don’t know for sure if its normal like this…could be face normals as well, shading is messed up


Here is the file (if needed): (315.9 KB)

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I’ve checked it, its definitely a moose. amoosing


See? Design relevant surfaces in ICEM, Alias or Catia. Polygons with Maya for fast concepts. This is great for students that are already very good in Alias/Maya. There are many of these jobs popping up in the automotive, aircraft and train/tram industry.


You find that amoosing? It’s a moose! If you continue like this, you win a forced midsommar holiday in Sweden, so be careful judging polygon models from below!



Catia used to offer whale, deer and parrot analysis, but customers didn’t want to pay for the feature : (


I sure never stated otherwise.