Can rhino create an array of text such as attached?

here is a cropped sample from top left to show text progression,
see attached for the full version,…(now attached tif as zip as the jpg was fuzzy) (4.7Mb) its a grid with a text array, I need to recreate this without the anti aliasing of the text, so text is pure black pixels.
the grid is easy array work, or is it, would I use line and a thickness, and what thickness for a 1pixel result ?
…but can the text be made., its probably something that excel can do but I need control over its size hence Rhino.

size has to be same pixel dimensions as this,

Then get it out and into photoshop so again how ?

export as pdf I presume.
If anyone can do this and post result as well as explain I would be very grateful.


Text grid (517.2 KB)