Can Python change AA level etc.?

Is it possible to change Rhino’s AA-level though script or macro?

-options View don’t seem to have an option for this.


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Assuming you are talking about Anti Aliasing. I remember asking about this on the old Ning forum. As far as I can recall the functionality has not yet been added to RhinoCommon, nor does it exist as a command. Would be great to have it exposed though, would love a keyboard toggle. So +1 from me…

Yup, OpenGL AA.
Ok, thanks Anders.

Hi @stevebaer do you know if this is possible to access from a script now? I would like to be able to know what OpenGL AA level is being used for Holomark.


I thought I wrote this for you a long time ago :slight_smile:

import Rhino
print Rhino.ApplicationSettings.OpenGLSettings.AntialiasLevel

The allowable AntialiasLevel values are None, Draft, Good, and High

Hi Steve, that was what I thought too… but I could not find it in my mind so I thought it was smart to ask your mind instead :wink: THANKS!