Can one set a view from a specific point so excluding part of the object in ortho?

I am working on bolts in a U channel , their heads within the channel, and in ‘shaded’ (and I wish someone would tell me how to get shaded mode (see other thread) ) which I need I cant see the bolts. I see the nearest part of the channel, its outer wall, the heads lie beyond.
If I could click a view point within the U channel and tell rhino I want view from there looking right in ‘right’ view then go to end view and see the bolt heads, it would be very useful


Maybe clipping plane could help.—-Mark

Hi, Thanks that does it,

I see that anything I create my side as it were of the cutting plane in ortho view perp direction at it (e.g I created it in back view so an object nearer me then the plane) doesnt appear thereafter.
Also if I select the cutting plane and choose deselect cutting plane left click on the icon for that, the perspective view carries on as if its still active !


Hello- use SetObjectDisplayMode to make the channel ghosted or wireframe. note the command acts per object-per viewport.
In v7 you can set transparency to layer and object display color as well.


Thanks will experiment with that.