Can one group or link layout view additions to objects?

Having drawn some edge lines ro enhance the view in Layout, as well as added dims, if I move the object in the detail pane it leaves the additions behind. How does one group or link in some way the two so they dont depart company ?


Hi Steve -

That’s not possible.

Hi Steve,

No help to you now, but as I understand it the intention is that in Rhino 8 you would be able to draw them on a separate layer in the model space and group them to the master object then, for the first time, make that layer invisible in model space but visible in layout space.

You can see that as a proof of concept in the WIP already but the Layer panel programming hasn’t caught up with it so I wouldn’t recommend exploring it yet…


One would need to do that drawing whilst in Layout view as it relates to the detail view pane, cramming things into it etc.
Doing that in normall modelling views would give no feeling for how it is looking in detail view.

Else its a case of selecting all the dims, and drawn items etc in detail view, grouping them along with a box or arrow indicating a point on the model as a reference point to use to move it all to.

Grouping items in detail view when not active is possible.