Can one array text and have numbers increment values?

Wish to place numbers every 60 mm along the x axis, drawing a graph for time !

Can this be done using array ?

so I get 0 1 2 3 4 5 etc



Is this a one time issue or are you planing to remake the procedure with other input several times?
How long period are we talking about?
Is it static values, for example:
60mm text “60”
120mm text “120”

I’m asking cause that could easily be made as a script.


Probably a one time issue until I fathom out how to get excel to plot time or hours as divisions along X axis and not the cell entries !
Just wondered if I could use text block and place a 0, then array it every 60mm (for mins in an hour) and have it make the text 1 2 3 4 5 etc.


If not too late, you can use this quickie script to create timeline number ticks (text) parallel to the CPlane X axis from a picked start point - option to set number of ticks, spacing and text height. (539 Bytes)

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I did it the hard way as needed to do it asap but now will use this.

I am V5 is this compatible ?

what do I do to install it ?



Yes, it should be.

If you are only going to run it once or twice, you can simply copy the .py file somewhere and then type _RunPythonScript and browse to the location where you saved the file and double click on it. Or you can type _EditPythonScript to open the editor and then use the open button to open the script and the green “Start” arrow to run it. Otherwise, if you want to “install” it as an alias or toolbar button, see the following page.