Can offscreen rendering reduce memory usage?

I’ve only heard about what’s called ‘offscreen’ rendering although I’m unsure how it differs from the VFB render. I’ve been thinking about how to save models from crashing due to memory overload and I wonder if offscreen rendering can help that in any way?

You can render directly to a Raw Image File on disk and, while doing this, tell the Vray Frame Buffer (VFB) to show only a preview or no 'image at all, to preserve memory.

Here’s a description:
(the chapter is named “V-Ray Raw Image File”)

I just gave it a try and it seems to reduce the amount of memory clearly, especially while rendering large images.


Oh, thanks. That seems useful. But my VRay settings window looks slightly different from what’s shown on that link. Could this be because I’m using VRay for Matrix (which is apparently not a the full version of VRay)? How does it look on yours?

I think you’re right. The original Vray 2.0 version does offer more options here:

You’ll have to find other tweaks for saving up memory, (like reducing the mesh settings, for example).

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