Can nXt Be Set Up to Render Object Shadows Without the Object Being in the Scene?

Can nXt Be Set Up to Render Object Shadows Without the Object Being in the Scene? I want to render the shadow affects of an object on to the side of another object without the object being in the way.

This may be connected to your previous post…

nXt doesn’t have support for what is called ray control which would make this possible. There also isn’t a double sided material definition to approach it in another way by having a 100% transparent mat on the backface of the object.

I know you can use ray control per object in Brazil and I bet Vray as well.

Exactly and you can bet I’ve been looking for my answer everywhere because this is a non option for me and I know it can be done in Maya, Blender and I cant imagine 3DS Max not doing it but haven’t checked. While searching for my answer I collided with V-Ray and was in awe of the features it has so I have ordered a 30 day full evaluation. Seeing you mention Brazil, I will likely try the Brazil evaluation also and settle on the best one for my purposes. What I’m looking for is great ambient occlusion in the non perspective views to render textures for an array of military models I’m creating for a simulator project.

I’m using the evaluation versions of Rhino and nXt but just ordered the upgrade keys from Go Measure 3D for my old Rhino 2 and Flamingo 1. I have been using Rhino for around fifteen years now and am extremely fond of it…

It looks like I have found my answer to this and the previous post on the “Transparent Objects for Creating Defused Shadows” in either V-Ray or Brazil.

Thanks for the reply: MilCAD