Can not use fillet on the edges

It is not important what I choose for radios, it would not be fillet. I had sent it to my friend and she told me I have the naked edges, while I cannot see any on my project. I have used the 6, could it be the reason, why she saw the naked edges?

toaster 13.3dm (2.4 MB)

Hi, looks like that the problem is caused by the fact that the largest radius fillet of your toaster model is adjacent to where you want to apply a new, small radius fillet. There is a very easy workaround for such situations. :slight_smile:

  1. Use “Extract surface” to extract all 10 surfaces that share the same edges where you want to apply the new radius fillet, with the “Copy=No” option active. While they are still selected after the extraction, choose “Isolate objects” to temporarily show only these surfaces and hide the rest ones, or put them in a separate layer - whichever you prefer.

  2. Lock the 8 small surfaces for a moment with the “Lock objects” command. Now copy the two large surfaces (the large radius fillet and the vertical surface) and paste them, so that you have two pieces of these. Join and then hide the copies. Then use the “Shrink trimmed surface” command to shrink the two large surface to their visible boundary

  3. Use the “Untrim” tool and click on the vertical hole in the middle of the large vertical surface to fill it.

  4. Now merge the horizontal edges of both surfaces where they meet together with the “Merge edge” tool.

  5. Combine both surfaces into one with the “Merge surfaces” tool and make sure that you set the “Smooth=No” option.

  6. Unlock the 8 locked surfaces and join them together.

  7. Select the merged surface, click on the “Split” icon and then pick the 8 joined surfaces. Then delete the unnecessary surface where the vertical channel is located and join all 10 surfaces into a single polysurface.

  8. Now you can apply the fillet (0,25 looks good on this model).

  9. Once done, extract the large merged surface and delete it, so that you get the new fillet with the 8 surfaces as a single polysurface.

  10. Use “Unisolate” to show again the rest objects. Unhide the hidden copies of the large vertical surface and the large radius fillet that you hide at step #2. Use “Split” to split them with the new radius fillet.

  11. Join as usual.

  12. Drink a nice coffee or tea. :slight_smile:

toaster 13 BG.3dm (1.8 MB)

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Thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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