Can not select seam

First I try apply Cylinder project for this model
but it not good.

Second I try unwrap. I could not select some edges.

Need advice

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That is an isocurve, not a seam.

With Surface Isocurves disabled in the display settings your headrest looks like this:


You clearly see on some parts that the seams do not align. You’ll have to explode your headrest, select the surfaces that need rotating, and rotate by 90° so they align. Then rejoin all surfaces. Now you can select all the seams as a chain.

Also, an unpatched version of Rhino with valid license helps to ensure you don’t run in weird bugs.

Hi @nathanletwory
I try other way, Split Isocurve, then Join them again.
It also work.


Sure that will work. It will give you more surfaces though, making the object more complex.Rotating seems to me the cleanest way.

You may want to introduce seams into the surfaces that make up the groove though, because right now there won’t be a continuos nice seam over the entire object.

You’re right.
Explode model then use Srfseam to define position of seam.
Are there any way to change color of seam? because They are similar with isocurve. It’ difficult to figure out.


Isocurves are thinner than seams. Or create a custom display mode of Shaded with surface isocurves disabled.

But you can set it here if you must

here with different colors set between U and V

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very useful. thank a lot Nathan