Can not make a new template drawing in rhino 6 wip

when saving a file to make a new template the save option asks for the route to save it.
In Rhino 5 this does not happen as rhino obviously saves to a specific location in order to create a template to chose on start up.
Open a file
Go to File / save as template.

Hi - I’m not sure how this is supposed to work on Mac, but it looks like this is now a bit more in line with how it works on Windows.

On Windows, you can specify where the templates are located - I haven’t yet found a way to do this on the Mac WIP. @dan?

That aside, you can still save your new template to the same location as where the other template files are located, can’t you?

Yes I guess you can do that I just though that it should be as Rhino 5 for the mac does it.

If you put your Template files here, insert your username for mine, breadcrumb is at bottom of Finder (for me).

They will show when you select New from Template. I haven’t restarted but it should show up in a new session.

IHTH «Randy

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Thanks for that, Randy!
I was thinking about being able to set the directory path in the Rhino Options, though, as it is on Windows.

Yeah Thanks, I figured this already. Just thought maybe it is something that needs to be looked at.

I am still not sure where Rhino hides the default template files though haha. It doesn’t matter, to be honest. Too many other things to figure out again, I have been away from Rhino for a while.

Me Neither

Sorry I’m a little late to the party as usual. Rhino “hides” them in the app bundle…we don’t want them to be overwritten.

Rhino 5 stashes them here: /Applications/[language-code].lproj/Template Files

Rhino 6, which has a different bundle organization, stashes them here: /Applications/[language-code].lproj/Template Files

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I thought so and didn’t spend much time in app Contents as I don’t want them overwritten as well.

Thanks, Randy

what is the expected behavior when using “Save As Template…” in Rhino 6 WIP? should this be saving the template to the directory within the app bundle, so that the template then appears in the splash screen?

(I think there may be a bug here, and a rather dumb one at that.)

No, nothing should be saved in the app bundle.

The expected behavior would be that the Save As Template… asks you to save it to:

/Users/~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Template Files

This is the path that Rhino sniffs for Custom templates that it shows on the Splash Screen. I suspect, if you save a template there, it ought to work.

So I think the bug is that the Save as Template should direct you to the above path, rather than defaulting to the last folder you used. Can you confirm that?

That’s the bug, yes… I defaults to the last used folder and not to /Users/~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Template Files



This bug should be fixed in Rhino 6 for Mac SR17.

Our fix for this was incorrect; the behavior in 6.17 is wrong. The Save As Template… dialog points into the app bundle. A better fix is on the way in 6.18.