Can not install Sunglasses Plug in Rhino 7


I don’t know what is wrong.
In Rhino 6 i had no problem to install the Sunglasses Plug in, but, in my new Rhino 7 Commercial License, i can’t install Sunglasses for Grasshopper.
As you see in the sceenshot, i made all that Food 4 Rhino wrote:

  • Download the plug in
  • Right click on the file and unlock
  • Copy paste (control C and control V) in :
    C:\Users\ < YourUser> \AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper and nothing happens, do you know why?
    Thanks so much

Well, i desinstalled the plug in and downloaded another bifocal file, and now i have it.
Just that i don’t know why, since this, it seems my Rhino is very long to open it…