Can not download shortest walk plugin

food4rhino just doesnt work for me, even when i switch internet source, and use vpn. probably something with page: Shortest Walk Gh | Food4Rhino
but i need to download this plugin, can someone share it with me from your components folder please?


guys help me please! it isn’t that hard, to open your component folder, and send one file:C

ShortestWalk-1-5-2.gha (33.5 KB)

This one?

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Thank you a lot!

Hi! How are they? Just enter the forum to talk about this and I find this thread. I downloaded the plugin but it does not appear in grasshopper. Someone could tell me what could be happening. I have Rhinoceros 6. Thanks in advance! Greetings!

What is this? A screenshot for ants?

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The page seems to work already. If not, you can try this version as well: (15.9 KB)
do not forget to unlock zip file


Yes, sorry … something went wrong here, I didn’t realize it.

Thank you very much for passing it to me! It works perfectly! You saved me!

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